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Stroud Against The Cuts

PRESS RELEASE: NHS Services Escape Privatisation after High court Drama

Thursday, 09 February 2012 17:35 administrator
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PRESS RELEASE 09/02/2011 

NHS Services Escape Privatisation after High court Drama

Statement from Stroud Against the Cuts, one of the local anticuts groups that supported the case.


James Beecher from SATC said: "We are delighted that options for community health services in Gloucestershire to remain within the NHS are now back on the table. This is what the people of Gloucestershire wanted. This outcome shows what can be achieved, and gives the people of Gloucestershire, health workers and health unions the opportunity to continue to work together to defend our local NHS hospitals and services."


Caroline Molloy, also from SATC, added: "It will continue to be crucial for people to make their views known, and we will be organising a public meeting as soon as possible. We continue to collect signatures on our online petition. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us. As Nye Bevan said, "The NHS will continue to exist for as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it." We hope our local health services will remain in the NHS, publicly owned and accountable, for many years to come."

Click Read More for contact information and the statement issued by Michael Lloyd and NHS Gloucestershire (or click here for the statement alone:


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Press Release: Transfer of NHS services to Social Enterprise halted, SATC says Keep services in the NHS

Friday, 30 September 2011 08:59 administrator
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Stroud Against the Cuts says: "Offering Gloucestershire's NHS services to a social enterprise opens those services to privatisation, it does not save them from privatisation. The legal action will open those services back up to the NHS.  NHS Gloucestershire can and should keep these services in the NHS and avoid any need for any tendering process."

A Full Press Release is available be clicking 'Read More' below. BBC Gloucestershire have covered the story here:

You can hear an interview with Caroline Molloy of Stroud Against Cuts on BBC Gloucestershire Friday 30th September morning here:

Skip to 1:06:20 for the piece on NHS Gloucestershire and the legal challenge.

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