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Messages received since the outcome of the legal case, from staff, Gloucestershire people, and NHS campaigners nationally

Saturday, 11 February 2012 13:51
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We don't have a comment facility on our website unfortunately (we are trying to sort this out!), so are substituting for one by uploading messages we have received from people (including NHS staff) following the outcome of the legal case below. We have received a LOT of messages and we're really busy at the moment so it will take us some time to upload these, this is very much a page 'under construction' at present.





Messages from health workers and NHS Gloucestershire staff (these have been kept anonymous to protect those involved):  


"Just wanted to say thank you to you all for all your hard work. When the statement came through, via email, at half 12 on Thursday, the whole department was buzzing. My colleagues were all smiling. I don't think they were ever that bothered by the delays to the CIC anyway - even though bosses kept saying we were! But Thursday was one of the best days in recent years. Thank you again for getting the NHS options back in play.  They have told us that there will be proper consultation this time and the NHS options will be viewed first. Only then can they even consider looking elsewhere. After all their scaremongering about competitive tendering, this is really great news. It is time all the staff realised that tendering only has to happen if private companies are to be considered. Let's keep NHS services where they belong - in the public sector and in the public domain - not behind closed doors.
Thank you!" - Anonymous, Gloucestershire.


"I would like to say thank you for all the hard work that has been put into saving our NHS in Gloucestershire. The news is great well done. The only way is up, might take some work but can see light at the end of the tunnel. Can't tell you how pleased I am that we have got this far. I truly believe that it is the Patients interest that these services remain in the NHS. The NHS is a fantastic service and worth fighting for. A feeling much more positive Member of NHS Gloucestershire!” Anonymous.


"Thank you to all who worked hard on the legal challenge to Gloucestershire NHS, for giving us hope. As a retired nurse who worked for over 40 years for the NHS I have been devastated by the recent proposals for its ‘so called reform’ nationally and locally. As co-ordinator of two Alzheimer cafes in the Stroud area, I have also been deeply concerned about potential losses of community services to people with dementia and their families. The statement that NHS Gloucestershire will start a new process to explore the best option for providing community services in Gloucestershire, which will include other NHS bodies, is indeed welcome. However we will need to keep up public pressure to make it abundantly clear that we want to keep our services within the NHS" - Jo Smith, Nailsworth (name included as retired)


Messages from members of the public living in Gloucestershire, including elected representatives (in chronological order of receipt):

"Congratulations and thanks to all of you" - Anonymous.


"Thank you friends at Stroud against the Cuts for your vital work.  It was wonderful to see the online petition growing before our eyes, and then for Gloucestershire NHS to drop its plans. We will keep spreading the message. Best wishes"- Sophie Ayre, Leonard Stanley


“Congratulations on achieving an astonishing victory against NHS Gloucestershire, who were clearly prepared to spend taxpayers money defending the indefensible until they saw the writing on the wall. The contempt for democracy shown towards the public and NHS staff has backfired spectacularly. The proper public consultation which will now follow must include the option for community health services in Gloucestershire to remain within the NHS” – Andrew Causon, Cheltenham.


“I know there's lots more to, but what a fantastic outcome from a combination of the determination and commitment of the few, the support of many and one remarkable elderly man. Those in authority in the NHS responsible for this debacle should be asking themselves how they got this so wrong, as should the Chair of the County Overview & Scrutiny Committee who deemed this change not even worth the committee's time and the local MP whose input was so supportive of the local NHS position. It's a sad commentary on our democratic institutions that the public's wishes need a judge to ensure that they get any kind of consideration. Onward now to a public NHS solution”, Gerald Hartley.


“Huge thanks and congratulations to all those who have made this possible. Many doubted this could be achieved. This is a significant blow to those seeking to privatise our NHS. Yes there is much to do - commercial companies are still seeking to cash in on the multi-billion pound opportunity to run NHS hospital services. But we have a chance; people are waking up to the threat and demanding in ever louder voices that our health service must remain publicly owned and accountable. Now is the time to help ensure Gloucestershire the community services in Gloucestershire remain provided by a NHS body”, Cllr Philip Booth, Stroud District councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe ward (Green).


"I was pleased and proud at the outcome of the Judicial Review.  We now have an opportunity to keep our community services within the NHS and we must grab this chance with both hands. More than anything I would like to thank Michael Lloyd for taking the legal action forward.  He is a real hero and the people of Stroud should always be indebted to him", David Drew, Stroud District councillor for Farmhill and Paganhill and Labour Parliamentary candidate.


Messages from our fellow Gloucestershire anti-cuts groups who also supported Michael Lloyd's case, and helped tremendously in getting us to this point:


"Congratulations to everyone involved - an amazing effort has given us another chance to Keep The NHS Public in Gloucestershire. As fellow campaigners we look forward to working with you and others in the County to translate this opportunity into the best possible outcome - community health services in Gloucestershire must remain within the NHS" - Cheltenham Against Cuts





Messages from campaigners working to defend the NHS nationally:


Professor Wendy Savage, Keep Our NHS Public: "This is a WIN!  A triumph for democracy and congratulations to... the group in Stroud who have worked so hard to achieve this." (See Prof Wendy Savage's talk last November in Stroud about the threat to our NHS at:

Statements made by unions and professional bodies, reacting to the outcome of the court case:
Unite reaction to Gloucestershire PCT judicial review decision, Thursday 9th February 2012: “Unite, the country biggest union, has responded to today’s (Thursday, 9 February) Judicial Review decision into the outsourcing of community health services, by reiterating the union’s commitment to ensuring that health services remain within the NHS. Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust agreed not to implement its decision to enter into a contract with Gloucestershire Care Services – a social enterprise organisation. The decision relates to the Judicial Review brought before the court by a Gloucestershire resident in a bid to stop the transfer of all nine of the county’s community hospitals and local health services out of the NHS and into a standalone ‘Community Interest Company’ (CIC). Unite national officer, Rachael Maskell said: “We believe that Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust should remain in the NHS and will continue to campaign to secure this. This outcome shows that proper procedures must be followed, including proper consultation with the workforce. This is another spanner in the works for David Cameron’s damaging health reforms and is an example of how under his plans public money will be wasted on lawyers rather than patients.” See:


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