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Strike for Fair Pay in the NHS - 24th November 2014

Monday, 24 November 2014 22:27
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Below is a short excerpt of a film we are making on the NHS strike that took place on the 24th November 2014. Before the film, here is a statement from Hannah Basson
Equalities Officer, Gloucester Health Branch, Unite the Union and one of Stroud Against the Cuts' volunteer coordinators:

"I am supporting all the striking NHS workers today. Preventing their pay rises after years of real-term reductions is not 'unaffordable', as the Health Secretary states. The NHS has been giving the Treasury £billions for the last few years in underspend money. This is not about a deficit either - the deficit is no longer falling. This is about preparing my colleagues for the transition in to further privatisation. The postal workers took industrial action to defend their terms and then the Royal Mail was privatised and now the Royal Mail is requesting the tax payer bail them out in order to keep up rural services. Circle took over the publicly-owned Hinchingbrooke Hospital then also asked for a tax-funded bail out to continue doing what the NHS had been doing before. Enough is enough. The public owns these services and the public and the staff should not be lining the pockets of private companies. Good staff deserve good wages."

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