Statements from the Public on the NHS Transfer

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 19:41

As well as anonymous statements from staff affected by the proposed transfer of many
of Gloucestershire's NHS services to a social enterprise, we are also receiving statements
of support from the public - and are happy to publicise them where appropriate.

The following is a powerful email we received from John and Josie in Tuffley reminding us
why we must campaign to save our NHS:

"My husband and I are both just shy of 80 years old, We are both able to just
remember a time before the NHS. You might wonder why I am writing to you but We
feel that there are not many of us that can remember our parents fear when
illness struck the family. I would just like young parents to think how they
would feel if they were in a situation my parents were in when I was taken ill
as a young child I required a operation which they had to pay for. They didn't
have the money to pay and without the help of my grandparents and neighbors
there was no way I could have had the operation. I was lucky good neighbors and
my grandparents did a collection but I know my parents went through hell
wondering how they could find the money. If any of us needed see a doctor my
parents had to wait until pay day, money was so short you only went if there
was no choice as to pay meant cut backs on the food which for us was sparce

The NHS was the most wonderful thing to happen to Britain, when my child
required a operation no problems, no worries. People just cannot imagine how
the NHS changed our lives.  The reduction in child mortality, longer lives for
adults, suffering was treated and the country had healthier and happy people.

My husband and I are healthy active people, and live a full retirement neither
of us are on any medication and are very lucky and this is due to the NHS. Now
we are wondering if our children and grandchildren will have the same future we
have had, as without the NHS private care is still out of the range of most
working families.


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