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Reports from the End Austerity Now demonstration, 20th June 2015

Sunday, 21 June 2015 15:40
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On the 20th June, 2015, The People's Assembly Against Austerity organised a "End Austerity Now" demonstration in London. Stroud Against the Cuts, working with Cheltenham & Gloucester Against Cuts, the Stroud and Cheltenham branches of the Green Party, and local branches of unions Unite and Unison, arranged three coaches to travel from Stroud and Cheltenham, picking up almost 150 people from these towns as well as Gloucester and Cirencester.

Here are some photos and links to reports from the day:

Two photos of the Gloucestershire Group from before the march, in Princes St - round the corner from the Bank of England

People hold the Stroud Against Cuts Banner with slogan "Save Our Services" at the start of the demonstrationPeople hold a Stroud Valleys Against the Cuts banner with the slogans "Defend Workers Rights and Pay" and "Save Our Services"

Video clips and a picture from the march:


Crown holds placards including "People's March for NHS", "Cut War Not Welfare", large foam scissors with "No Cuts" written on them


Thousands of people listen to speeches in Parliament Square, with the Houses of Parliament in the background

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