Videos from the "What's Happening to Our NHS?" conference

Saturday, 17 March 2018 17:09 administrator

Videos from the "What's Happening to Our NHS?" conference organised by Stroud Labour Party recently.

We understand that sadly there were technical issues with the official filming at the conference, but provide links to videos we made through live-streaming to Facebook of the event. Please excuse amateur video and audio skils and the limitations of our equipment - we believe this footage is still useful both for those who could not attend the event and anyone wishing to revisit a session:


1. Successful Campaigning with Pete Gillard from Shropshire Defend Our NHS and Joanne Land from 999 Call for the NHS

2. Professor Wendy Savage on the current threats to the NHS

3. David Drew MP, Michael Sweetman from Unison and Reg Beagley from Unite on the Gloucestershire NHS SubCo

4, There are also some quieter videos from the session on the impact of the cuts from the perspective of a clinician in the NHS and on rural areas with Gill George, and on children - with Barbara Potter, which was followed by a panel discussion.

Some of our other recent videos you may be interested in:

* Junior Doctor Joe on the NHS Gloucestershire SubCo

* Live at the union rally against the NHS Gloucestershire SubCo, with Michael Sweetman and a representative from the successful North Bristol campaign

If you are on Facebook, you can keep up to date with local and national NHS news via the Keep Gloucestershire's NHS Public page (don't forget to like and turn notifications on for the Stroud Against the Cuts Facebook page too!)
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