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School Cuts

Thursday, 25 May 2017 13:45 administrator
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Below is the text of our leaflet on cuts to schools which we have been handing out recently. For more information go to:


Unless the Government allocates more money,
schools will lose  £3 billion  a year in real terms by 2020.

98% of schools’  costs are rising  faster than their income.

60% of secondary schools are running a  deficit budget .



What that means in GLOUCESTERSHIRE

An estimated reduction across all schools in Gloucestershire in real terms by 2020, under current Government policies

–£32,002,649 Budget change by 2019

–£424 Per pupil   –859 Teachers



Locally Stroud Schools face the following cuts

Archway School

cut by 12%

Callowell Primary School

cut by 9%

Cashes Green Primary School

cut by 10%

Gastrell’s Community Primary School

cut by 11%

Marling School

cut by 12%

Rodborough Community Primary School

cut by 10%

The Rosary Catholic Primary School

cut by 7%

Severn View Primary Academy

cut by 3%

St Mathew’s Church of England Primary School

cut by 7%

Stroud High School

cut by 11%

Stroud Valley Community Primary School

cut by 15%

Uplands community Primary School

cut by 6%

Thomas Keble

cut by 12%



The General Election is a chance to change this







        Get informed



»   Visit

»   Attend a husting and find out what your local candidates say about education.


        Spread the word



»   Let other students, parents and staff know at your local school.

»   Talk to friends, family and neighbours.

»   Write letters to the Stroud News and Journal, Stroud Life, The Citizen.


        Use your vote



»   Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote. (Deadline to register to vote for the General Election is  Monday 22 May.)



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Public Meeting: General Election - what can we do?

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 11:14 administrator
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General Election - what can we do?

Thursday 11th May, 7.30-9.30pm - Stroud Old Town Hall, The Shambles - Free entry/donations welcome. For more information call/text James Beecher - 07734 058789


A meeting for our supporters and anyone interested in making the government's record of cuts and privatisation a pivotal part of the general election locally.

Stroud Against the Cuts is not affiliated to any political party but we believe there is important work to do, that our supporters - many of whom are not members of political parties - can be involved in.

We'll prepare some information, and a few ideas of how people can help our work - but are interested in hearing ideas from others about things we can do to highlight the government's terrible record.


Let us know you're coming / invite your friends on Facebook: General Election - what can we do?


We want your ideas for things we can do ahead of the election to make issues like the NHS privatisation, Education cuts, and increasing poverty central to the election. Stroud Against the Cuts is not affiliated to any political party and this meeting is not about who you should vote for, but about other work we can do.

We also have some ideas for action of our own that we'd love some help with:

* Help organising, publicising and funding a big public event on the NHS before the election (with NHS workers at its heart - as part of the national NHS Roadshow)

* Help with Register to Vote efforts

* Help with writing, designing, distributing (and paying for) leaflets - on the NHS, Education, and Wages/Poverty/Benefits - or other topics relevant to our core topics of cuts and privatisation that you suggest

* Help identifying, creating and sharing the best social media content

* Help identifying people who might be willing to speak to us about the impact of cuts and privatisation on them

* Help filming, editing and sharing videos featuring the best of the above

* Donations to help fund the above work and targeted social media advertising

* Volunteers to host stalls around the constituency on Saturday each week before the election

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County Council Election May 4th 2017 - Stroud area candidates and results from 2013

Friday, 28 April 2017 16:21 administrator
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As well as the General Election on June 8th, on Thursday 4th May, elections will take place across the 53 electoral divisions which make up Gloucestershire County Council. These elections will determine how the county council - which manages Road, Adults Social Care, Libraries, and other services is run.

The last local (county) election took place in 2013 - with the Conservatives the largest party. On our website we have links to information and a summary of the results and candidates in the Stroud area (the latter are copied below). You can find information about how to vote, and the candidates that are standing across Gloucestershire on the County Council's website, which will also host the results. Results from 2013 are available online.

2013:                                                                        2017:


Bisley and Painswick


Bisley and Painswick GCC page, Electorate - 9,452

Winner: Conservative - Jason Bullingham - 1,500 votes. Candidate: Keith Rippington

2nd: Green - Anna Bonnalack - 928 votes.                    Candidate: Alan Mossman
3rd: UKIP - Duncan Richardson - 625 votes.                  No candidate in 2017

4th: Labour - Sheila McGrath - 456 votes.                     No candidate in 2017

5th: Liberal Democrats - Daniel Much - 145 votes          Candidate: Alexander Findlay


Cam Valley

Cam Valley GCC page, Electorate - 10,294
Winner: Conservative - Brian Tipper - 1,479 votes.         Candidate: Brian Tipper

2nd: Labour - John Fowles - 1,409 votes.                       Candidate: Julie Douglass

3rd: Liberal Democrat - Thomas Cairns - 315 votes.       Candidate: Adrian Walker-Smith

4th: Green - Tony McNulty - 271 votes.                         No candidate in 2017.


Dursley GCC page, Electorate - 8,612

Winner: Labour & Cooperative - Steve Lydon - 1,003 votes. Candidate: Steve Lydon

2nd: Conservative - Alex Stennet - 952 votes.                   Candidate: Loraine Patrick

3rd: Liberal Democrats - Brian Marsh - 558 votes.              Candidate: George Butcher

4th: Green Party - Nicola Hilary - 345 votes.                      No candidate in 2017

Hardwick & Severn

Hardwick & Severn GCC page, Electorate 8,379

Winner: Conservative - Anthony Blackburn - 1,246 votes.    Candidate: Stephen Davis

2nd: Labour - Sarah Madley - 658 votes.                           Candidate: Liz Ashton

3rd: Green - Sue Hartley - 367 votes.                                Candidate: Sue Hartley

4th: Liberal Democrat - Myles Robinson - 129.                    Candidate: Mike Stayte


Minchinhampton GCC page, Electorate 9,983

Winner: Conservative - Stan Waddington - 1,243 votes.      Candidate: Dorcas Binns

2nd: Green Party - John Williams - 946 votes.                    Candidate: Rachel Smith

3rd: UKIP - Adrian Blake - 743 votes.                                No candidate in 2017.

4th: Labour - David Taylor - 637 votes.                              No candidate in 2017.

5th: Liberal Democrats - Felicity Hornby - 153 votes.          No candidate in 2017.


Nailsworth GCC page, Electorate - 9,021
Winner: Conservative - Dorcas Binns - 1,351 votes.            Candidate: Emma Sims

2nd: Labour - Jo Smith - 1,128 votes.                               Candidate: Steve Robinson

3rd: Green Party - Uta Baldauf - 578 votes.                        Candidate: Sarah Blowers

4th: Liberal Democrats - Paul McCloskey - 135 votes.          Candidate: Colleen Rothwell

5th:                                                                                Independent: Robert Paterson


Rodborough GCC page, Electorate - 8,536
Winner: Labour - Brian Oosthuysen - 1,318 votes.             Candidate: Brian Oosthuysen

2nd: UKIP - Richard Williams - 549 votes.                         No candidate in 2017

3rd: Conservative - Roger Cuddington - 546 votes.            Candidate: Alex Bisset

4th: Green Party - Philip Blombery - 340 votes.                 Candidate: Philip Blomberg  

5th: Liberal Democrat - Christine Headley - 297 votes.       Canidate: Christine Headley


Stonehouse GCC page, Electorate - 9,364
Winner: Labour & Cooperative - Lesley Williams - 1,111 votes. Candidate: Lesley Williams

2nd: Conservative - Lawrie Hall - 458 votes.                       Candidate: Ginny Smar

3rd: UKIP - Steve Parker - 410 votes.                                 Candidate: Glenville Gogerly

4th: Independent - Trevor Baker - 281 votes.                      Not a candidate in 2017

5th: Green Party - Clare Sheriden - 183 votes.                    Candidate: Carol Kambites

6th: Liberal Democrats - Roberta Crawley - 73 votes.           Candidate: Sylvia Bridgland

7th: Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition - Chris Moore -


Stroud Central

Stroud Central GCC page, Electorate - 10,438
Winner: Green Party - Sarah Lunnon - 1,504 votes.             Candidate: Eva Ward

2nd: Labour - Tosca Cabello-Watson - 1,042 votes.              Candidate: Debbie Hicks

3rd: Conservative - Debbie Young - 577 votes.                    Candidate: Debbie Young

4th: UKIP - Harry Carr - 512 votes.                                    No candidate in 2017.

5th: Liberal Democrats - Adrian Walker-Smith - 108 votes.   Candidate: Steve Dechan


Wotton-Under-Edge GCC page, Electorate -8,467

Winner: Liberal Democrats - John Cordwell - 1,251 votes.    Candidate: John Cordwell

2nd: Conserviate - Lesley Reeves - 1,114 votes.                  Candidate: Graham Smith

3rd: Labour - Laurence Cotterell - 344 votes.                       Candidate: Mark Huband

4th: Green Party - Graham Spender - 224 votes.                 No candidate in 2017

5th: No candidate in 2013                                                 UKIP: David Hinder

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Press Release: Campaigners call public meeting to make NHS, Education and poverty issues in the general election

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 11:11 administrator
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Press Release: Campaigners call public meeting to make NHS, Education and poverty issues in the general election

  • What: Public Meeting for supporters of Stroud Against the Cuts
  • Where: Stroud Old Town Hall, The Shambles
  • When: Thursday 11th May, 7.30-9.30pm
  • Free entry/donations welcome

Campaign group Stroud Against the Cuts, which led a successful campaign to keep Gloucestershire's community health services in the NHS in 2011/12, has invited its supporters to a public meeting to discuss the General Election tomorrow, Thursday 11th May. Organisers say the meeting, at the Old Town Hall in the Shambles from 7.30-9.30pm, will be about how to make NHS privatisation, cuts to schools and rising poverty issues in the General Election.

James Beecher, a member of the group's organising committee said: "Stroud Against the Cuts isn't connected to any political party, but we believe there are issues that need to be make central to the discussion ahead of the election, and voices that need to be heard. The government's cuts to the NHS budget and privatisation policies have created a crisis in the NHS and a threat to its future. We're also worried about the £3bn/year cuts to school budgets that the Conservatives are planning by 2020, and want to make sure that parents and teachers fears are part of the debate. Our group was set up to fight cuts and privatisation, but we're also concerned about the growing poverty we see in this country - at our meeting on Thursday we'll be talking about how we can make sure that the voices of people experiencing the impacts of the government's policies are heard"

More information is available on Facebook, and elsewhere on our website you can find details of what we'll be discussing. Contact: James Beecher - 07734 058789

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Answers to our NHS questions for 4th May County Council Elections

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 10:17 administrator
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Answers from parties contesting the May 4th 2017 Gloucestershire County Council elections. We will continue to publish answers received before the election - we encourage members of the public to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


We received answers from the Labour Group, from County Councillor Iain Dobie, GCC Liberal Democrat Group Spokesperson on Health on behalf of the Liberal Democrat Group, and from The Green Party. We have not received any response from either the Conservative Party or UKIP. The answers below are copied in their entirety as recieved. We have not included further information from The Green Party so as to keep the format consistent:


1. Do you support the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for NHS Gloucestershire and if (re-)elected what will you to support/improve/oppose its implementation?

Labour Group:

"The Labour Group does not support the STP and would look to review it at the earliest time. It is not democratic, and is not representative of how decisions should be made. The Tories have made this Plan in secret, and have purposely excluded Councillors from shaping it."


Liberal Democrat Group: 

"To date, the Gloucestershire STP lacks the detail needed to form a judgement on it. Whilst supporting the general principle of better integration of health and social care, we are concerned that in practice the STP may - after the May elections - reveal itself as a vehicle for "rationalisation" of services. For which read cuts, e.g. to maternity services at Cheltenham and Stroud hospitals."


Green Party:

"The Sustainability and Transformation Plan is a document of little substance, and nationally the Kings Fund has criticized their development due to their lack of funding, strategy, ambitious timeframes, and lack of consultation. Two glaring examples of issues with the STP in Gloucestershire are: firstly, it has been identified that there is a £100m hole in the plan, with no clarity as to where this money will come from. The fear is the money will come from the closure of hospitals and a reduction in beds, a situation, which, if done before there is greater community capacity, will create an even bigger crisis than we already have. Secondly, the plan mentions ‘radical self-care’ as a strategy for reducing people’s need to use health and social care services – but at the same time the Tory administration at Shire Hall have slashed the budget for public health. The Greens believe in a publicly owned NHS. It belongs to all of us. We built it. And we will oppose the further selling off of the NHS in Gloucestershire."

2) Do you believe the private sector (including Third Sector) has any role in services traditionally provided by the NHS or GP practices, or in loaning or providing capital?
If not, what will you do if (re-)elected to:
a) prevent further privatisation of services,
b) get non-emergency ambulances, community hospital pharmacies and Out of Hours services back into the NHS,
c) prevent the use of PFI in Gloucestershire's NHS?

Labour Group: 

"The private sector should have little to no role in the provision of healthcare in the UK. We have seen locally what has happened to services when they are contracted out to the private organisations. Labour would look at all available options to make sure that services are provided by the NHS. We will also fight against any more attempts to further privatise the NHS at a national or local level."


Liberal Democrat Group: 

"The Liberal Democrats believe there may be a subsidiary role for private or Third Sector providers, for example in enabling specialist minor surgery to be delivered more quickly and conveniently under NHS direction. Pharmacies, likewise, might provide more services. However we oppose any privatisations which may threaten the essential viability of a publicly funded and provided health service for all."


Green Party: 

"Whilst we believe that there is a role for voluntary organisations in health and social care, we are opposed to privatisation, and don’t believe the provision of public healthcare should result in private profits. Green Party policy is for healthcare and social care to be free at the point of use. We will support the return of privatised services to the council, and to the NHS. We are committed to transparency in all public contracts: and scrutiny of deals – to make sure they are in the public interest. We have seen the costs of PFI to public services and will oppose any proposal to use the PFI for construction procurement in the county."

3) Do you believe that health and social care in Gloucestershire have the funds they need? If (re-)elected, what will you do about funding of these services?

Labour Group: 

"Health and Social Care is in dire need of help. It has been savaged by the current Tory administration, with cuts close to £11m this year alone. The Labour Group have a plan that would see the Council deliver home care services, create a joined up relationship with the NHS and provide outstanding care to every resident. We would also fight for a proper funding formula to make sure that health and care services were protected."


Liberal Democrat Group: 

"The Liberal Democrats have campaigned, both nationally and here in Gloucestershire, against Conservative cuts to health and social care. Not only do we as a party propose an increase in funding for both, but we have also proposed - in a motion passed at the last County Council meeting - that there should be a major, national, cross-party, commission to agree a long-term and sustainable solution to the issue of funding for both. "


Green Party: 

"Health and Social Care are badly underfunded. As a full-time carer said, “it feels like the drawbridge has been pulled up when it comes to accessing services”. We need better scrutiny of contracts, which the Greens will bring through the open contracting motion. We will put pressure on central government for more money, not just roll over as the Tories are doing. Underfunding health and social care is a false economy – as a society we will always have to pay for it elsewhere. For example, poor social care funding makes for delayed transfer of care, or queues and long waiting times at A&E. There are choices which can be made by the County Council, and the Greens will fund social care instead of white elephant projects such as the incinerator."

4) Where integration of NHS and Social Care provision is proposed, will you work to:
a) ensure any service previously provided to all remains so and that
there is no extension of means-testing,
b) oppose any homogenisation of staff employment that reduces terms
and conditions?

Labour Group: 

"Means testing has limited use and should not be a default position. The
Labour Group would also commit the County Council to signing up to the Ethical Care Charter, which would not only protect front line services but also boost terms, conditions, and pay for the thousands of healthcare workers.


Liberal Democrat Group:



Green Party: 

"The integration of health and social care should be an opportunity to deliver better services: not a cover for cuts. We will make the case for investment in long-term change, not short-term fixes that cost more in the long-run.

We will oppose changes that undermine the security and conditions of the social care and healthcare workforce – as supporting staff is essential to making sure good care can be delivered."



5) Will you work with NHS campaigners in Gloucestershire to prevent closures or privatisation of services traditionally provided by the NHS or GP practices and to oppose cuts and changes that will have negative impacts on patients?


Labour Group:

"The Labour Group have a strong record of fighting and standing up for
the NHS across Gloucestershire, and we see no reason why that would change."


Liberal Democrat Group: 

"We oppose cuts and privatisations which will have negative effects on patients and will work with those campaigners who think likewise."


Green Party:

"We will continue to campaign with local residents to prevent cuts to health and social care: and to make sure everyone has access to care and support when they need it."

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